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Circle of Everlasting Love Collection

The Circle of Everlasting love is one of the Keys of Ascension Designs.

The Celtic Knot has no beginning and no end, and it stands for the everlasting love. The symbol represents the perfect union of two people.

When the three knots are laced together,it symbolizes the Unity of Divine Lovers, God, Man and Woman.

In Hinduism, the Swan is known as the Hamsa bird and signifies the divine mind and the breath of spirit. The Swan is also another symbol of the Virgin Mary and the purity and love she symbolizes.

The two symbols combined and created with the rays of white for the purity of spirit, silver for the feminine aspect and gold for the male aspect; as well as purple to transmute anything standing in the way of your desired outcome; is intentionally designed to bring forth the frequency of ultimate expansive, unconditional love for self, your relationship with a partner, family and friends or all others

This empowering energetic piece is also perfect to assist you in attracting your twin soul.

It is created on a 8" inch round glass backing to reflect back to you and ingrain the frequency that signifies the circle of everlasting love.

This design makes a perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary or a gift at any time for someone you wish to help bring the highest vibration of love into their life!This series of mosaic energy art glass are divinely channeled designs to specifically awaken super consciousness. They will help you to transform your base human frequency to your highest Ascended frequency of the Magnificent Soul you are!