The Graceful Goddess Feel Good Store

Keys to Ascension 10 Energy Mandalas available in home decor, clothing and accessories

Each energy Mandala is a high frequency graphic design imprinted on window decal, tote bag, cap, throw pillow, coffee mug, T-shirt , Infuser and Sport Bottles and stickers. 

They are divinely channeled vibrations to specifically awaken super consciousness. They will help you to transform your base human frequency to your highest Ascended frequency of the Magnificent Soul you are! 

You can benefit from their value directly by wearing them over your heart Chakra as a T-shirt, or as a cap over third eye and crown Chakra; where the energy is being impressed upon you; as well as visible for many others to see and absorb.

The tote bag symbolizes you carrying that particular energy again for your own upliftment and visible for others to be impacted by and resonate to the same high frequency.

The mugs,infuser and sports bottles are to infuse and imprint the high frequency energy directing into your beverage to deliver it into your body.

The window decals are on a transparent background to allow light to enhance the image and can be displayed in any flat surfaced window where you wish to share the precious energy with anyone entering your home, your neighbors or the public.

The throw pillows can be displayed in your home as well to assist with grounding in the high frequencies into your family's space