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High Frequency Infuser Water Bottles 10 Energy Mandalas Free Shipping Until March 3

Infuser Water Bottles 10 High Frequency Energy Mandala Designs Free Shipping

Each Energy Mandala has a specific spiritual meaning and energetic 
benefit. You can read more details on a specific design by clicking on the names below.

TYPE: Infuser Water Bottle
Infuser Water Bottle is available in 10 Energy Mandala Designs

One of our most loved products because water molecules are easily transformed for your well being. 

You can carry the infuser water bottle with you wherever you go; to not only Transform boring water into a fruity beverage with lemon, cucumbers or whatever flavor you desire; but you can also charge your beverage with the energy of crystals and a high frequency Mandala design specifically coded for the vibration you wish to imprint on a cellular level. 
Enhance or bring forth the high frequency energy of what you most need in your life to lift you up and make you feel good.

Global Love (Circle of Everlasting Love)
Forgiveness (Empowerment of Forgiveness)
Gratitude (Living in Gratitude)
Living in Love
Peace  (Power of Peace)
Harmony (Global Harmony)
Abundance  (Abundant Prosperity-The Good Life)
Unified Universal Heart Chakra (embrace, heal and balance all Chakras instantly)
Twin Flame (Divine Infinite Love expressed and shared)
Divine Magnificence (Your true nature , the vibration to align and connect you to your authentic self. )

•TYPE: Sports and Water Bottle
•MATERIAL: Eastman Tritan
•MATERIAL DETAILS: Principal material - BPA-Free Eastman Tritan™ 
•VOLUME: 25 fl oz
•HEIGHT: 9.06 cm
•DIAMETER: 2.76 cm 

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