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Keys of Ascension one of a kind mosaic art glass

Mosaic Art Glass Empowering Fairy Magic

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Mosaic Art Glass Empowering Fairy Magic
Mosaic Art Glass Empowering Fairy Magic


 21. 6 x 21.6 and most properly displayed on a table top easel. Easel included

This glittering mosaic art glass is entitled "Empowering Fairy Magic" and is a one of a kind, custom creation . The design is hand painted  on the glass using acrylic and glass paint and is over layered with tempered clear and painted glass mosaic pieces. Empowering Fairy Energy is created on 1/4 inch glass with rounded corners.

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All mosaic art glass pieces are hand made custom designs on and with glass related products. Some may have sharp edges that may cause harm if not handled with caution and kept out of the reach of children. 

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