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Mosaic Art Glass One of A Kind Designs

Mosaic art glass are one of a kind unique high vibration art, household decor, and gifts; designed and created by Eloryia RA

Each piece of custom art truly stands out because they are created designs infused with conscious loving light filled intention making them truly empowering and enlightening tools to assist you with reaching your greatest potential and being magnificent in all you choose to do. 

The inspirational energetic art is designed to assist you with achieving a specific goal or dream!

Each piece is channeled energy from the higher heavens with a high frequency colorful abstract or relative image to help you gracefully move through any subconscious blocks you have that are interfering with your desired intentions in any area of your life. 

There are designs to help you bring balance to all quadrants of life, be they mental, emotional, spiritual or physical so you can obtain and maintain love, health and wealth. 

Each custom piece is a tool to keep you focused on your intent by meditating directly on it as well as just having it present in your environment. Some designs are created on lamps to enhance the energy with the light of a soft brilliant glow. Others are created on a mirror backing to powerfully reflect back to you the energy you wish to engrain within your heart, mind, body, spirit and soul!

My intention with these high frequency pieces of art; as it is in my readings, and life coaching; is to help you realize your Divine Magnificence, so you let go of surviving to thrive through your greatest potential in your own unique heaven on earth. 

My channeled inspirational and energetically healing art is fairly priced to support the continuance of my service; as well as help pay for art for those who are still struggling financially. 

So, each piece you purchase; you order not only a valuable tool of transformation for you; but also helps gift the same to someone who is also working towards realizing their true value and worth.

Environmentally responsible: We do our small part by recycling old refrigerator shelves, automobile windshields and other tempered glass, to craft the mosaic art pieces, that would otherwise be disposed of at a dump.