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Personal Soul Empowerment – Free Spirit Mosaic Art Glass Mandala

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Personal Soul Empowerment – Free Spirit Mosaic Art Glass Mandala
Personal Soul Empowerment – Free Spirit Mosaic Art Glass Mandala
Personal Soul Empowerment – Free Spirit Mosaic Art Glass Mandala
Personal Soul Empowerment – Free Spirit Mosaic Art Glass Mandala
Personal Soul Empowerment – Free Spirit Mosaic Art Glass Mandala

For all of you who have loved the Mosaic Art Glass Keys to Ascension Mandala designs…

You can now have your own high frequency soul colors and symbols channeled into your Personal Soul Empowerment – Free Spirit Mandala Mosaic Art Glass

Are you having trouble breaking thru the glass ceiling of limiting lack, conditioned behaviors that cause you to be less than your authentic self?

Are you feeling frustrated, and even at times hopeless?

Are you wondering why you are not fully charged with your true energetic essence?

You can get out of that R.U. T.

Check out this New BREAK THRU energy application to:

Heal you by transforming what you no longer want; to what your heart desires!

Realign you with your authenticity.

Restore your true essence, to live with an abundance of a happy heart, peaceful mind, vibrant body and radiant soul.

You can now free your spirit by literally shattering all the illusions that keep you from engaging in a passionately purposed life worth living.

You can recreate the real you to live the life of your dreams; with a Personal Soul Empowerment Mosaic Art Glass Mandala.

Your very own tangible stunning energetic glittering representation of your divine magnificence.

These divinely canceled pieces of high frequency art; are the newest energy elevating tool to help you break thru all that has held you back from being the real you and living your passionate purpose.


Imagine a piece of glass that contains all your mental, emotional and spiritual limitations; regardless of whether you are conscious of what they are or where they originated.  Imagine It is the wall, the glass ceiling that separates you from all you desire.

Imagine how life may be now; you stand on one side of it only surviving;  continually touching it with an attempt to reach the other side where your unlimited genuine self, living the life of your dreams is thriving.  

You can see thru to what you truly desire….yet you can’t seem to move thru it. You can only stand there wishing and hoping for a different outcome. And when it doesn’t show up; you are left even more depleted of your true energetic essence…because you are feeling frustrated, and even at times thinking hopeless thoughts.

So ….this is how the new break thru energy application works.

With my own divine gift of the ability to see your aura and all the symbols surrounding you; that are associated with your Magnificent Soul…..

  1. I sit in meditation holding within my hands your pane of glass while I call forth and pull in all that pains you. This is done so the pane (pain) of glass literally becomes the physical representation of your lower energies; containing all your adverse experiences that have caused you to be trapped in a cycle of limitation; causing lack of peace, health, wealth and especially love.
  2. I then tap into your true essence to channel thru your highest vibration; the divine essence of the real you, translated from the higher realms into physical color and symbol; just like I do when I am creating an aura portrait.
  3. Then I adhere to the glass; the energy I see of your glittering high frequency soul/star essence in the form of colorful sparkles.
  4. Then I paint the glass; blending your unique soul colors atop the sparkles
  5. Number 5 represents movement; so next is the action that causes the break thru. While holding an image of the best and greatest you; I shatter the glass to transmute the negative to the positive.

This intentional action causes the deconstruction of what no longer serves you; transforming your old limiting lower vibrational energy; to your highest soul frequency. Shattering the glass transforms the energy and exposes all the muti faceted colorful shimmering crystallized pieces of the real you.

  1. I then channel the reconstruction of all you desire with hundreds of pieces of your high frequency soul; who has literally over layed the old with its sparkling colorful energy to break thru the glass ceiling of the illusions of limitation; into a unique, one of a kind exquisite design holding and illustrating the energy of your divine magnificence. For some the mandala is combined with other symbols or form.

Stop banging your head on the glass attempting to get thru to the other side.

Take the next step! Just do it!

You can break through today with this new energy application to heal your heart, mind and soul. You can light up yourself and your surroundings. You can Empower your soul and Free your Spirit; with your Personal Sparkling Soul Empowerment- Free Spirit Mosaic Art Glass Mandala.

Special Introductory offer for the first 10 to order. Get 30% off 8x8 round table top or wall hanging mandala! Please allow 8-10 days for creation and shipping.

Images are of some of the other high frequency mandala custom designs.



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