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Tote Bag - The Empowerment of Forgiveness

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Tote Bag - The Empowerment of Forgiveness
Tote Bag - The Empowerment of Forgiveness

White Tote Bag - The Empowerment of Forgiveness 15"H x 18.5" W x 4.75" L

The Empowerment of Forgiveness. The energy to slay the three dragons of judgement, anger and blame with this key of Ascension on hat, tote bag, mug, window decal T-shirt and more.

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Multiple Designs to choose from
Women Have Worth Dreams Fulfilled
 Infinite Love
Abundant Prosperity
Divine Magnificence
Global Harmony
Universal Unified Heart
Living in Gratitude
Living in Love
The Power of Peace
Empowerment of Forgiveness
Circle of Everlasting Love
Om Symbol

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